Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well ... this is awkward

I always hate the first post on a new blog ... its like the beginning of a bad date. You're bumbling around trying to come up with something witty to say that will intrigue the other person while tandemly trying to look your best, appear friendly, and not spray alfredo sauce (or breastmilk, in my case) onto the plate infront of you. Blech. SO awkward.

Because I detest the writing of a first post so much, I will instead leave you with this image of my nephew Keelan crushing the god-given life out of my son Mason a few weeks ago. Use it as a metaphor for my thoughts on first posts, use it for a chuckle, use it as evidence in a child welfare case against me (yes, I did sit by snapping pictures and laughing uproariously while this was occuring).

Thanks for reading, and hope you stick around for more.

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