Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Glad I Had A Dog First

... they're good practice for this crawling phase.

When I was growing up we had a spunky (yes, I said it. Spunky.) springer spaniel named Jake. Jake was one of those dogs along the Marley-and-Me lines so basically anything he could destroy in the house, he did. Time and time and time again. We learned to get into a routine when we came home: Take shoes off, put in closet, double-check that closet door was closed. Make sure all doors to any room in the house not in was closed. Pick up all items from floor or ye be warned ....

Obviously chanelling the long-lost spirit of Jake and all spunky dogs everywhere, Mace has jumped headlong into the discover-and-destroy phase of his existence. Jamie and I now have to do constant surveillance of potential Dangers (with a capital "D" mo fo's) and Expensive Items that Mason would eagerly get his grasping hands on if he could. And just like Jake, he seems to be drawn to the most disgusting things possible: garbage cans, the base of toilets, old food off the floor, dirty clothes (uh, not to make it sound like we live in a Hoarders house or anything. But we do. Have you seen this photo?).

The funny thing is, the kid already knows what he's not supposed to get into, which of course makes it that much more enticing. It also means that he giggles like a mad man when he's making his move on something, making it ridiculously easy for me to swoop in and stop him. At least the dog had enough brains to keep quiet while doing something devious.

Seriously, Mason is reminding me so much of Jake right now I can't even fathom it. All I'm waiting for is for him to come running into the room with a pair of panties on his head and the transformation will be complete.

BTW ... we went to the zoo today as planned. And I'm proud to report that no animal sprayed any form of piss or anything else on my child while we were there. Highfive for being an awesome parent!!

And because I find it nearly impossible to make a post without a pic or two, here's some from the zoo today:

Mason enjoying his lunch (note the smock he has to wear because he's the worlds most exuberant eater)

Mason enjoying his stroller

That is all.


  1. Wonderful post. I think I may need a smock like Mason.

    Animals are so funny man, I just posted some pics of our cats and they really can get into some stuff.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Too cute! I miss that age. :( Looks like you had a great day at the zoo!


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