Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Kid's A Rockstar

You know when your baby has one of those days when you really wish you could reward him somehow, but since he's too young to tell you what he wants you settle for a good diaper change and extra time in the bathtub? Yah. That was my Rockstar Mason today. I'm so proud of him I could burst (and with the amount of mucus goin' on in my head at the moment, thats actually a good possibility).

I finally bit the bullet and decided to seek medical help for this cold I've had for the past 1 1/2 weeks. Yes, Mason has the same one but he seems to be weathering it better than I, the little shit. He only struggles with his cold in the evening and morning, while his days are spent cavorting cheerfully around the house, sinus fluid happily dripping everywhere. I, on the other hand, spend all day feeling like a piece of crap that got run over by a truck. Its awesome. You should try it. Really.

One of the perks of being a stay-at-home mom (at least until my mat leave is done) is that you get to bring your kid everywhere, including gross walk-in clinics. Mace and I showed up at 2:15 pm, and left at 5:15 pm. "My Andra, thats amazing medical care you've got there! Imagine, a doctor spending three hours with you! Unheard of!"

Oh no, my friends. The doctor only saw me for the final five minutes of those three hours. The rest was spent ... in the waiting room. With an active 9 1/2 month-old. A recipie for disaster. 

Mace spent the first 45 minutes being absolutely adorable, babbling on the floor and swinging my keys around. I spent that time playing the "What's everyone else here for?" waiting room game (there were a lot of venereal disease cases).

He then slept on my lap for the next 45 minutes and upon waking, continued back to the key-swinging while I sweated buckets and prayed ferverently that his happy mood would miraculously continue. And it did! My little man actually maintained a decent demenour the entire 3 hours we were there! If you don't believe me, check out the header pic I snapped with my cell phone! (I like typing exclamation marks today! Exclamation marks are fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!)

Anyways, he did amazing, and it turns out I've got a raging sinus infection. The doctor chastised me for not coming in earlier, and I was all like "Well, if I'd known it was going to take three hours to see you I would've done this sooner! Talk about a blast, doc!" (ok, I didn't really say that but it was running through my mind and, I'm sure, apparent on my face).

I'm a proud, proud mamma today. Thanks for being an amazing baby, Mason! You killed the waiting room, son! Killed it!


  1. Good for Mason! And poor you! Hope you are feeling like a new woman soon with the meds! I like exclamation marks too! Seriously though. I have a problem.

    And I am loving your blog! You are such a great writer!

  2. Well played, young Mason! Well played!

  3. I hope you feel better soon and yay for Mace for doing awesome! He did better than I would if I had to wait that long anywhere!
    I came across your blog via Morgan's blog via BB. I LOVE your blog. I always get a giggle out of it!

  4. Holy cow! He deserves a trophy for sure. Even I couldn't handle 3 hours in a walk in.


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