Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday Night's Alright For Plastic

This is how I spent my Saturday night:
DSC_0527 copy.jpgsmall
With a cranky baby and a pile of plastic.

Mason was on a sleepover at Grandma C’s and Jamie was playing in his poker group’s year-end finale, so Avery and I said “Screw it! Girls’ night in! Lets build something!”.

I decided to remantle (is that a word? As opposed to dismantle?) Mace’s old exersaucer for baby girl’s playing pleasure because hey! She’s about to hit the big 0-4 (months) this week, so its time to start bustin’ out some toys, right?

Problem is, I’m not very handy. And that plastic is tough to snap together. 
DSC_0537 copy.jpgsmall 
I sustained an injury or two.

Avery was less-than-impressed at her mother’s abject lack of plastic-snapping strength. 
DSC_0536 copy.jpgsmall
It was frustrating, believe me. At one point both of us may-or-may-not have been crying: her, pointedly irritated with the ignoring of her needs; me, yelling “I’m doing this for you, damnit!” while attempting to jackhammer a plastic leg into a miniscule hole. True mother-daughter bonding at its finest.

And seriously? AAA batteries?
DSC_0538 copy.jpgsmall
I swore violently and repeatedly upon discovering that little bit of information.

At long last the building process was complete, and I got to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of my labour.
DSC_0544 copy.jpgsmall
Except Ave wasn’t exactly buyin’ it.
DSC_0541 copy.jpgsmall
DSC_0546 copy.jpgsmall
I think intense overstimulation is a better word.
DSC_0554 copy.jpgsmall
Within a matter of seconds, she went from this:
DSC_0556 copy.jpgsmall
to this:
DSC_0559 copy.jpgsmall
Aaaaaannnnnd, the fun was done. Remind me why I miss my free-wheelin’ single days again? :)


  1. Love it! Too cute. I miss when Belle was that size, but I don`t miss those plastic contraptions...although I`ll be bustin`them out soon enough!

  2. I love the overstimulation picture. Her eyes are priceless.

  3. I love the first picture -- it looks like she's doing crunches in the bouncy chair! My same-age baby has been doing that too lately, so we have to make sure she is always belted in. Except I keep forgetting that she's belted in and have picked her up more than once only to have the whole chair come with her, and you wouldn't believe the Angry that rains down when I do that.


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