Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Spring Venture

Canadian winters are long. Like, really, really long. Even when there’s no actual snow on the ground, the temperatures often dip to such lows that spending weeks indoors is not uncommon.

Given our forced hibernation, once the barest hint of warmer weather appears we Canadians like to take full advantage. Tonight was one such evening, and I tenderly gathered my children ‘round to hear tell of the wonders of the outdoor world.

“I don’t waaaannnnnnnna!” began the joyful cry of the one-who-talks.

{look of disgust at the mere thought of exposing her delicate skin to outdoor air} stared the one-who-doesn’t-talk.

Ah, spring.

Regardless of their feelings on the subject, within a matter of minutes we were all (some forcibly) outside.

Avery was thrilled beyond measure. 
In spite of himself, Mason quickly began having fun.
That is, of course, until this happened:
And yes, I laughed and took pictures rather than running to help. Its a hard-knock life in our home. 

Mace quickly gave up riding his car on the grass (and really, was that the smartest decision to begin with?) and decided to try his hand at photography.DSC_0775small
Interested in seeing the quality of photos from a toddler and a crappy camera? Here’s the best of the bunch:
Thanks for cutting off my head, jackass.

And that’s how I spent my evening. How did you spend yours?


  1. Aw, that series of pics of Mason falling down is so funny. I'm guilty of not running to rescue if there's a great photo op. We've been getting out of the house too, which is great for Hana, but man, her boots are getting SO muddy! Btw, I'm impressed with the quality of the toddler camera pics. All of ours have been grey and grainy, but we haven't taken outdoor pics yet. Good to know they can turn out ok!

    1. You know what, I didn't think of it 'till you mentioned it but I'm SURE the reason the quality was so good was because we were outside. All of his inside pics are super-crap.

  2. My toddler is obsessed with the camera. We have more pictures of knees, feet, and floor than we do of anything you might actually WANT to remember.

    We are having unseasonable (80 degrees!) weather here, too. That's how I learned that my toddler is, well, like a dog, and cannot resist the siren song of the hose. I'd never seen a diaper soaked from the OUTSIDE before.

    1. Oh, I canNOT wait until it's "hose time" in our city! And yes, frets and ground make up the bulk of our shots, too.


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