Friday, May 25, 2012

The Case Of The Disappearing Photo Op

See this picture?
It was taken almost 6 years ago, the day after Jamie and I were married in Mexico. See how young, tanned and thin we looked? See how we’re wrapped in each other’s arms, daring the world to just try and keep our love apart? We used to take photos like this all the time, for occasions and “just because” (*gag* young love *gag*). 

Now lets compare it to this recent pic of the two of us:

Oh, that's right. We don’t have a recent pic of us together. The closest I’ve got is the one from the wedding last weekend, that I’ve already shown you:  
Uh, yeah.

See how not young, tanned and thin we are? How we aren’t even sitting beside each other, let alone touching? Or how one of us (and I won’t say who) is sporting a lot less hair? And I swear on all that is good and holy, I did not even know Jamie was in the picture until I was going through the photos a little later that night.

The thing is, Jamie and I just don’t take pics of the two of us together anymore. If the camera’s getting pulled out, its to document some adorable moment in our children’s lives or to photograph a loving moment between parent and child. We don’t usually cram the four of us in a photo, and we never, ever take pictures of just us two. And for all that, I’m a little sad.

Happily, that's all about to change as we’re doing a family session next week with amazing photographer Amber Bourret. Yahoo! Amber specializes in natural lifestyle photography, meaning that she comes and spends a few hours with your family documenting you in your natural environment, doing what you do.
I just adore her work, and have been eagerly awaiting this session for months now (as well as stalking her regularly on her blog).

True, she’ll have to photoshop the hell out of Jamie’s and my pics to take away the signs of sleep deprivation, and it’ll also mean that I have to actually tidy the house (I’m all about documenting our natural setting, but five years from now when I’m looking back on these photos I probably don’t need to be reminded of the pizza we ate the night before, or how the leftovers looked all spread out on the counter), but it’ll all be worth it in the end. The kiddies will have their moment to shine, and Jamie and I will look six years younger (right, Amber? Right? You do work miracles, don’t you?).  

Of course, I’ll show off the final product on here once its done but until then just envision two perfectly-behaved children with their especially-young-looking parents. I’m sure that’ll be pretty accurate.

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  1. Tell me about it!! I find it's gone even more downhill since we got a DSLR and it's nearly impossible to do a self portrait with it. Hope you have a great photo session!


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