Friday, May 18, 2012


We’ve had a lot going on this week, and will be busy into the weekend so I apologize for the quickie post today. The development of our basement is finally beginning on Tuesday, but in preparation for it we have to remove everything thats “stored” there (I use the term loosely), and transfer it to our garage for the next 3 months. Given that the basement looks like a potential candidate for the show Hoarders , its a long process. I honestly wish we could just take a massive hoover vacuum and suck everything up, but no such luck. The sales guy will just laugh at you if you ask, so don’t even bother.

And speaking of hoovers …
… a little update on our human vacuum, Avery. As you know, we introduced solids a few weeks ago and thus far have yet to find a food she will not inhale. While the ferocity of her hoovering gives me cause for concern for her high school dating years, its still a positive at this point in time.

The child will suck down anything you put in front of her, from toast to mangos to rotini to avocado. I had to give her a little prune juice in a sippy cup this past week (to help, erm, speed things along), and after one taste she hit that drink like a college student at $1 highballs night.
As you can see from the pics, we’re not following the traditional introduction of food but are more loosely practicing Baby Led Weaning, which is basically giving the babe large chunks of food from the start and forgoing the purees altogether. The reason I say “loosely” is because we are giving purees from time to time, when its easier and/or more convenient. We followed a more strict BLW approach with Mace, but this time around I like to say we’re “Lazy Led Weaning” – whatever works best for me. Sucks being the second child, doesn’t it Ave?

Food-wise, whatever we’ve been doing has been working. Some of you may have already seen this on the Facebook page, but Avery recently turned 6 months and I did a comparison shot of her at 1 week vs. 6 months:
Uh. Yeah.

From 5lbs 11oz. to a solid 18lbs in 6 months. My dainty princess she ain’t. I seriously laugh every time I see this photo because the baby on the right looks like she just ate the one on the left. Or sat on her. I mean, seriously.

So thats about it for now. Off to continue my Battle of the Basement, and transfer everything to my Gongshow of a Garage. Peace!


  1. I seriously love her belly chub in the highchair shot. She is adorable!

  2. Cute! May I ask which camera and lens you shoot with?

    1. Sure, not a problem! Its a Nikon D90, and I usually use my 1.8 50mm lens on it when shooting the kids, though on occasion (I think one or two of the shots above?) I just use the kit lens, an 18-55 mm. Depending on the lighting conditions in my kitchen at the time I sometimes use my Lightscoop to help with shadows ( Hope thT helps!

  3. Too cute. Love those non-fussy babies. Makes it so much easier for mama. Have a great weekend!


  4. I admit it, I am JEALOUS of your perfectly-eating-baby-having. A-WOWW hates pretty much everything I have offered her. Fortunately Grandmere is right there to let me know that it's because I'm doing it wrong! I love the comparison pics! They really do look like bruisers at this age, no?

  5. Hilarious!! Love the pasta shot with the buddha belly!! Love the term Lazy Led Weaning- that's so going to be me! I'm dreading solids since it sounds like so much more work!

    My how she has grown! Love her little princess outfit!


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