Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh, This Is Happening

Thats right peeps.

I'm back.

Took an unexpected 2-month hiatus to partake in various summer happenings, but I'm back like gang-busters! Except ... its past midnight, we just got back from vacation, and tomorrow (today?) happens to be one of the biggest days in the Coulter Family year.

So instead, I leave you with Jamie's and my 2-minute public service announcement for sexually active teens.

For reals.

Or maybe not, but it should be.

I give you .... Family Roadtrip 2012. You have been warned.



  1. Oh my fuck. I've missed you!
    Welcome back...

  2. I suddenly have an unfathomable fear of children in cars.

  3. You're stronger than I am. My first cried like this in the car - I gave up and just took public transit and avoided long road trips. She finally stopped when we turned the car seat forward-facing. Unfortunately for us, she is petite and only reached the requisite 22 lbs at 22 months...
    My second, she cried too for the first two months but is much better now. I can take a 20 minute drive before the crying begins. Yay.

  4. Ahhh yes. The dreaded road-trip :) We've had many resembling yours, but I think Avery gets a medal for her tenancity! So glad you are back to the blog! I really needed a laugh tonight :)

  5. OMG!! Hilarious recap video but I'm sure at the time it was not funny! Luckily A was a little trooper on our two 8 hour drives in 4 days long weekend. If she cried like Avery (or Mason!) I would have turned the vehicle around after an hour and told hubby's family that they can come visit us!

    What happened to the picture of you taped to her seat trick? She caught on?

  6. HHaah!! Funny!!
    Somewhere on Youtube there is an actual German condom commerical that is just like yours!! :)

  7. i still tell people about this video

  8. Hi I just found your post like literally 2 hours ago because we have a 9 month old boy who is turning on in June and we wanted a sleepy time birthday theme and happened upon your daughter's 1st birthday, started reading your blogs and instantly liked you (not in a weird stalker way, just the normal "Haha you are hilarious but I wish I could say some of the stuff you say without feeling judge" way). He was/is amazing in cars. My best friend's child however is not. We had a 3 day road trip with one baby (mine lol) who slept almost the whole way through at 2 months old while a 4 year old screamed the whole way (I love this child but it was supposed to only be a 24 hour trip. I wanted to strangle her and her mother was also considering it so we stopped at hotel rooms and MANY pit stops hence the three day trip.) I am now 15 weeks along with my second child and terrified that she/he might turn out like my friend's child. Hope not but I must ask how you are able to stay so calm with all the screaming? At first it broke my heart then I was like, wait.... she's 4, shouldn't she have grown out of this yet she's only been doing it since day one?! The answer is no. So how do you do it?

    1. First of all, congratulations on babe #2. :) Second of all, I get judged all the time for what I say, but just go "Eh. Screw 'em" and wave my hand. Or stick my head in some readily-available sand. It really depends on my mood, I guess. :)

      As for the screaming ... the truth is, I didn't always/often stay calm. The constant screaming (both during the trip and for just regular car rides) BLEW and while you'd think you'd actually get used to it because it was a regular occurrence, I found I became almost hyper-sensitive bc it was so awful. In the video Jamie and I were laughing, but only because we kept hitting moments during the drive when we were like "This is SO UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUS THAT IT'S ACTUALLY FUNNY". And then a few minutes later we would resume our stoney silence and/or own crying. Because really, what the fuck else were we supposed to do?

      Odds are, even if you get a kid who hates the car it won't be with such a passion/for such an extended time as Avery. And even if you do, I can offer this small condolence: at 15 months of age, Avery now has mostly average (can't say "good" yet) car rides. We obviously haven't attempted a road trip again, and the crying lasted until almost 14 months but we can actually see significant improvement at this point in time. So, you know, deal with it and eventually it might go away? I guess that's my advice.

      Oh, and earplugs. Earplugs help deaden the sound as you rip the hair from your head.


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