Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Preschool + Chalkboard Sign DIY

So we’re back, we made it, we survived.

There was a lot of crying involved, just like on orientation day. Thankfully, it wasn’t only Mason this time … the school sounded like that scene from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest where the patients really let ‘er rip. Ya know?

There were screams and sobbing coming from every room we passed, and one even had the sound of repetitive banging on the door combined with the child wailing “Maamaaaa!” over and over again (of course I’m just assuming it was a child. For all I know it was some poor, first-day-of-school staffer realizing she’d made a terrible, terrible mistake).

You know, they really, really, really should consider offering alcohol the first day of school. For the parents, of course. And maybe the teachers. Oh hell, might as well give it to the kids, too … it’d probably help naptime.  

As per her school dropoff M.O. Ave once again filled her pants on the drive over which smelt wonderful, let me tell you. And Mace bawled when I began walking away, which was heart-wrenching.

But you know what? It was better. Not a lot, but enough that I know he’ll be fine in a matter of weeks.

And at pick-up my smiley boy was returned to me, eager to talk of the picture he drew “just for you, mom!” (he must’ve read my last blog post). And we’ll do it again twice more this week, and keep our fingers crossed that it gets easier and easier each time.  

Anyways, prior to heading to school we took Mason’s first-ever “First Day of School Pictures”.
Gaaaah, he makes my heart melt sometimes! So sweet!

And then I got all over that Pinterest trend of using a chalkboard sign for photos:
Yeah! Awesome! And can I say I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about saving money for post-secondary education. Aspirations to be a … duck. Okaaaay. Shoot for the stars, Mace. Shoot for the stars!

I know there’s still a few of you who haven’t yet had first days of school this year, so I thought I’d share a quick little chalkboard DIY in case you wanted to make your own signs.

First, grab some old trays from around the house or better yet, pick up a few of those cheap plastic serving ones from the dollar store.
I bought four because, at $1.25 each how could you go wrong? I also grabbed a can of Rust-Oleum’s Chalkboard Paint for $22 at Home Depot, along with a paint tray and a sponge brush.

Lightly sand the trays, and then get ready to paint:
I free-handed it because I couldn’t be bothered to tape a round plate off.

Allow to dry for 4 hours, then apply a second coat.
Allow trays to dry fully for three days after the last coat and then, using the side of a piece of chalk, lightly rub it all over the black to “season” it, then wipe off. Your cheapie chalkboard is ready to use!

Looking back, I’m not sure what the best method for this would be. You’ll notice that I had some ridges on my plates (though this pic was taken just after the first coat, and things smoothed out better as they dried), so a roller or chalkboard spray paint would make that less-noticeable. Then, however, you’d have to tape things off and depending on the shape you are working with, it might not be effective. Regardless, I’m happy with the results and the tray works as desired. And for such a cheap project, I’m happy with the results!
Aaaahhh, sibling love. Ain’t it grand?

At least if Mason's dreams of becoming a duck don't work out, he can maybe head into professional wrestling with all the practice he's getting on Camel Clutches. Wicked.

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