Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekends and Winners

Not a long post today as Jamie and I have focused our weekend on basement renovations (and if you ask “But Andra, what happened to your contractor?” I will punch you squarely in the face), but I just wanted to pop in with the winners for the Calgary Home & Design Show tickets.

According to, the two winners of a pair of tickets each are …. commenters #3 and 9, which are Kat and Brandy Wenger! If you ladies could please send me a quick email with your contact info I’ll mail the tickets off in a jiff.
And here’s a little peek at what we worked on this weekend:
Jamie with his eye-of-the-tiger for lighting installation

This is supposed to be a sweet photo of Mason and his name, yet something seems oddly creepy about it
So sorry, no funny today. Unless you count the fact that Jamie hates the colour orange, yet its now a feature in our basement. Then that shit is hilarious.


  1. Lol about the orange! I just bought a screaming orange lamp for I'd room

  2. Silly auto correct.... A lamp for Jamieson's room.


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