Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Avery's Nursery

Since posting that photo a few days ago of my bed in Avery’s room, I’ve had a number of email requests to see the rest of the space. Because I adore the nursery so much and am always willing to show it off, I’m happy to oblige! (and don’t worry, I’ll be back to my regularly-scheduled sarcastic posting tomorrow. Cool your jets.).  

The majority of this room is DIY …. I spent roughly a month putting it all together. Inspiration came from a variety of sources around the internet and wherever possible I’ve included a link to the original idea. I’m thrilled with the way it came out, finding it to be equally bright and soothing. Avery, for her part, has no complaints.

Presenting … Avery’s gray and yellow nursery!

Crib & Dresser: AP Industries
Rocking Chair: Off Your Rocker (this was originally used in Mason’s room, and is almost 3 years old. I still cannot say enough wonderful things about this rocking chair and the customer service we received)
Bookshelf, Nightstand & Curtains: Ikea 

Untitled-1 copysmall
DIY button art, inspired by Cute As A Button's work. This project took me the longest of any in the entire nursery, and I nearly gave up on it a few times because it was so tedious. The buttons were fastened using glue dots, and the silver is actually a variety of different brads, each one carefully poked through the cardstock. The “falling leaves” were done to cover a black mark I found on the paper about 3/4 of the way through the process, which upset me at the time but I’m now happy happened. I think this is my favourite piece in the room.

DIY ribbon bunting! This was the cheapest, fastest, and easiest project I did, and I love it because it makes such an impact with very little effort. The original idea came from this beautiful nursery, but I was too heavily pregnant at the time to want to mess around with climbing up and down a ladder to pin the ribbon to the wall. If you have a sewing machine you could whip one of these up quite quickly, but if you don’t "(like me!), just use double-sided tape and glue the ribbon strips onto a longer white piece. Easy-peasy-pumpkin-squeezy!

DSC_0600 copy.jpgsmall
DIY flower mobile, a la Young House Love. As soon as I saw this craft I knew I wanted to include it in Avery’s nursery, and I followed the steps as outlined on their website pretty exactly.

The frame was a thrift-store find which was spray painted yellow (duh), and the lamp was repurposed from my office (originally from Wal-Mart). The photo makes my heart melt every time I see it … Avery was not quite two weeks old, and Mason asked to do skin-to-skin with her (she was early & underweight so we did this a lot the first little while). If you look carefully you can see that he had lifted his shirt up so she could get the heat from his tummy. *LOVE*

I stumbled across this wire dress form at Homesense when I was 35 weeks pregnant, and Avery-fied it by adding some yellow ribbon leftover from the bunting.

DSC_0605 copy.jpgsmall
Avery’s photowall, which I’m praying she won’t tear down once she gets more feisty on the change table. All of the frames came from Ikea, and a few were given a coat of yellow spray paint. The photos were taken by me when Ave was about a week old, and the “modern art” was done by Mason with a cheapie canvas and dollar-store acrylic paint. Both posters were DIY though the one on the right is a copy of a freeshare one that wasn’t the right colour so I redid it (I never saved the link, but if I find it again I’ll post!).

Since this picture was taken the arrangement has changed a bit, but it gives you the general idea. And no, those are not real lemons!

DIY decoupaged baby blocks, following these directions on Martha Stewart’s website.

DSC_0611 copy.jpgsmall
DIY decoupaged wooden letters, using leftover paper from the Martha Stewart baby blocks.

And thats it! Any questions? :)



  1. This nursery is amazing! I`ve been looking for ideas for new baby`s nursery, so Thank you!

    1. You're so very welcome. When is your babe due? I've always got a ton of nursery ideas going through my head.

  2. Beautiful! OUr daughters share the same name and WOW-- I love that room! Happy Sleeps for All!

    1. Ooo, but your daughter is older so you're the trendsetter! :) Thanks for following!

  3. It's really beautiful Andra. I didn't realize you were so crafty. I have lofty visions for the kids rooms, but no time or money to make it happen. It's neat to see a space done where you didn't have to spend a lot on decor.

    1. Aww, thanks Megan! I don't know if it's "crafty" so much as "cheap" that drives me. But yes, I agree it's nice to live beautifully for less. Now if I could only find the time to fancy up my OWN room. My kids live like royalty while Jamie and I live like paupers!

  4. Love, love, love, love!! Such a great job!!

    1. Thanks, I'm quite happy with it! And thanks for reading along!

  5. What a gorgeous room! You are soooooo talented, and hilarious!
    Great pics.

  6. What colour is the paint?

  7. This is an old post, but still thought I'd comment- I found your nursery on Pinterest and decided to order a similar chair from Off Your Rocker, and I absolutely love it! Thanks, Andra, for making my preparations for baby a little easier!


  8. The mobile is beautiful! For the wire orbs, is each one made up of one continuous piece of wire? Or did you have to cut pieces of wire to build the orb out?

    Thanks for sharing this creative idea!


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