Thursday, April 26, 2012

Its On Like Donkey Kong

I’ve been a bit negligent in my posting, and for that I apologize. We’ve had a round of illnesses in our home combined with brunch-hosting, the final projects for my cake decorating course and the start of a couple of different classes for the kids (I know, 1st world problems right?). However, I thought you might want to know … that post I made a while back about not looking forward to potty training and solids? Oh its on, baby, its on.

And I’m scared. Very, very scared.

Mason’s Big Potty Training Adventure begins tomorrow morning, and I’m approaching it with all the preparedness of a general going to battle. The bathrooms in the house now sport potty seats, stools and flushable wipes (in “Cars” motif, natch).
My bucket ‘o bribes is ready and waiting (“Cars 2” characters, Smarties jar, free printable rewards chart I found at The Scrap Shoppe, and “Cars 2” stickers … are you sensing a theme?).
And my piece de resistance? A Potty Wand, which will magically appear on the front doorstep sometime tomorrow morning for Mace to find.
I know. I’m a lunatic.

You will note that my over-preparedness somehow forgot to purchase fabric cleaner, however. Nice. I won’t need it anyway though, right?

As for Avery starting solids, we began that earlier this week, to mixed reviews.
And that’s how we’re rollin’ in our home this week. Wish me luck!


  1. Love the wand and the potty training chart. I need to replace my ghetto sticker chart anyway! Thanks for the link

  2. I'm a little jealous of your overachieving baby. Because the entire family abandoned me today with the baby, I decided it would be a good time to start solids. She felt differently, and now there is an extremely large pile of STICKY APPLE-SCENTED LAUNDRY with my name on it. Why, why, why do they hate us so?

  3. Wow, you make me look like a really lazy potty-training Mom! Good luck! Ps, my daughter's potty training went surprisingly well. Hope that's the case for you :)


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