Monday, April 19, 2010

Egotastic Mondays - Installation #1

Today is Egotastic Monday on The Domestic Project blog. Why? Because its late and I need something quick to post about? No! Never!

Well, maybe a teeny bit.

Anyways, I realized today that while I take many, many (many) photos of Mason and Mason-with-Jamie, I only have a smattering of myself with baby. Is this not the Mother's Curse? Our current albums look like Mason and Daddy have a kick-ass time together growing up together with monthly visits (for conjugal purposes?) from Momma. As such, I've decided that I'm going to make a point of taking photos with myself in them, at least once a week. And tah-dah! What do we have here?:
"But Andra," you say "as a blog writer, aren't all of your posts technically egotastic?". And to you I say "For that, here's some gross pics of my kid eating his dinner tonight that I think are cute":
And thats just how I roll on Egotastic Mondays.


  1. I am so with you on the lack of mommy & baby pictures. And hubs doesn't like getting his picture taken, so Hunter looks like an orphan most of the time.

    I need to start setting up some photos with H. Because when hubs takes the odd picture of us he takes one and gives me no warning of muffin top or goofy expressions or general yuckyness. And so I end up not liking the photo. That, or Hunter's eyes are closed. Boo!

  2. Good for you Andra! I have the exact same problem. We should schedule a mommy and baby photo shoot or something. I can't find ONE decent photo of me and Baby for my About Me page on my blog. I *might* have one from today though. We'll see!


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