Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Modern Astronomy

I got up at 5:00am for this today.

Oh, whats that? You can't see it? Here, let me make it a little bigger:

See it now? Thats the International Space Station, incase you can't quite pick out the windows and waving astronauts.

Early this morning the space shuttle Discovery was supposed to make a rare pass over our fair city, accompanied by a trail of fire (or something) and a sonic boom. Jamie has quite an interest in these things and diligently set his alarm clock to get up and watch the spectacle. Seeing as he never sets his alarm clock for anything, I decided this must be a huge event and got up with him.

At 5:08am the two of us stumbled blearily out of our house into the chilly morning air, amazed that the neighbors weren't already mingling in the street. Little did we know that they had gotten the updated information that the shuttle pass was not going to happen which is why they were inside. But not us.

At exactly 5:13am that piece of crap "spectacle" passed overhead.

At 5:16am, after realizing that nothing more was going to happen, we began a drawn-out search in our pitch-black yard for the black tripod bag. Have you ever had to search a pitch-black yard for something thats black before? 'Cause it sucks.

At 5:30am we called off the search.

At 5:32 am we discovered the tripod bag upstairs in our bedroom.  

At 8:32am we learned of the cancellation and the very coincidental fact that the space station passed overhead, which is what we saw.

And that is how my day started.

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