Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I ate this for dinner last night. Jealous?

I'm a huge fan of the Pioneer Woman and her amazing site. True, viewing it always makes me feel even more like a bump-on-a-log because she does such amazing things all.the.time. but I still love checking her out almost-daily.

Crappy cook that I am I'm always looking for super-easy meals to make, and her Italian Drip Beef fit the bill! I won't bother typing up the recipie as you can see it here and she does such a fabulous job (with gorgeous pictures) explaining everything that it would be a true bastardization if I attempted to do the same. But here's what it looked like going into the pot:

And here's what it looked like coming out of the broiler:

Umm, yah. Go get the recipie.

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