Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You know those random shoes on the side of the road?

I know how they get there.

I was out at a playdate this morning, came home, and then later left the house again to run to the grocery store. Driving there I noticed a tiny, dirty, old-looking shoe in the middle of the road and thought "Oh, how cute! It looks like Mason's shoe!".

And in the next breath I thought "Oh shit! It is Mason's shoe!"

Can you guess which one?

Yup, Super-Mom herself had put it on top of the car yesterday for some lame reason like letting Mason "feel the grass tickle his feet". And then I'd promptly forgotten about it until that exact moment when I saw it laying helpless, alone, and runover on the street.

On the way back from the grocery store I looked for shoe #2 and spotted it a little closer to my house in the ditch, clean and upright. Poor shoe #1 had clung on for so long, a good 4 minutes from the house that it just didn't have the strength to toss itself into a ditch and had to settle for the road.

I drove home nearly in tears because I felt so bad for those lost little soles ...

*note: only one shoe was harmed during the making of this story*
**note2: Daddy Jamie rescued both shoes on his way home from work. They are now resting quietly, trying to forget about this horrific day**


  1. Too funny! Glad the shoes are back as a pair.

    I did that with Chantal's sippy cup. Some poor cyclist was motioning to me that there was something on the roof of my car and I waved, thinking, "Oh, how nice, a cyclist is waving to me." Then I heard the sippy cup tumble off the car onto 5th Street (by Chinook Centre). I was too embarrassed to pull over and get it until much, much later in the day.

    :) Marcelina

  2. This happened to me as well with my own running shoes!! I drove all the way across Calgary and once I reached my destination I saw my one runner stuck in my spoiler!! I later found the other one close to my house. It did not get run over though.

  3. OMG this made me laugh so hard I had tears!!

    Last year I made a end of the year gift for DS2's teacher, I proudly brought it to work to show it the end of the day I sat it up on the roof of the car to buckle DS3 into his car seat & happly drove to pick up the kids at school.

    On my way there I heard a weird noise & saw something bounching down the road...dismissed the mess & continued on my way.

    I didn't put 2 & 2 together until I tried to show it DS2 & couldn't find it in the car lol

    Oops!! Oh well...take 2 turned out even better :)


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