Monday, April 26, 2010

If the Kitchen's Moroccan, Don't Come 'A Knockin'

There's no real reason for the name of this post other than I made Moroccan for dinner tonight, the title popped into my head, and I giggled. Its not like Jamie and I were involved in some weird sexual act involving a tagine and some camels or anything (we'll save that for later, wink wink, nudge nudge).

Anyways, Jamie did not find my play-on-words nearly as amusing as I did but who's writing the blog huh, Jamie? Huh? Thats right. Me.

Tonights' recipie was courtesy of Megan over at the Food & Whine blog. It was super-simple and quite tasty;  Mason knocked back the sweet potatoes like a fat kid on candy. Of course he knocks back just about anything as long as its put on the tray in front of him so maybe thats not a fair comparison, but trust me, it was yum.

Its also Egotastic Monday at The Domestic Project, which means I make my weekly attempt at a photo of myself with baby. This one's more of Mason pulling a photobomb but its the best I've got for today!

Love that you can see my post-natal hairline making a comeback to the right of my bangs. Represent!

In other news, Mason's crawling ability is, well, cr-aaw-ling along; to put it mildly, he's no Usain Bolt. He'll see something that he wants and goes for it, dragging himself along the ground like a wounded animal, screaming and groaning the entire time. Apparently he wants to be the first-ever 8.5 month old with pectoral development as he refuses to use his legs as anything other than decorative posts under his ass.

At least he's moving ... I was starting to get sick of the whole "Is he crawling yet?" question. In fact, in the last month people had actually started to downgrade the question to "Is he showing, um, any signs of crawling?", as though he was already destined to a life of mud-sucking depravity (not sure what "mud-sucking depravity" means but it sounds good in the context of this post so by golly I'm stickin' with it!). The ony thing that pisses me off more than the crawling question is the de facto comment from moms-of-babies-who-are-so-advanced-that-they-crawled-at-a-seemingly-young-age-and-as-such-are-experts-on-these-things who say "Well, __________ was just so motivated to crawl, you know? He/she just really wanted to move!". Insinutation: YOUR child is a lazy, unmotivated sloth.

Which maybe he his, but he's my lazy, unmotivated sloth and don't you forget it!


  1. Yay! This is so neat to see my recipe here! I'm glad it turned out well for you, that's awesome. I like your post title, that's funny!

  2. Wonderful post. Very funny title. Thank you for sharing. Cheers!

  3. Haha! You are so hilarious! I love the way you write.

    I lost a lot of hair after my baby, and when it grew back I had fly aways all over the place. Lots of fun.

    Your comment reminds me of something I've been hearing lately. A few of my toddlers friends are potty trained. "She was just ready and understood the concept. She's always been ahead and super quick picking up on things."

    So what they are REALLY implying.... is that my little girl is behind, and slow to pick up on things. Nice!

  4. Great post. PS I have a very unmotivated sloth of a child who sits....doesn't crawl, hates to roll, barely reaches for things. He'd much prefer to be waited on! I get the "is he crawling?" ALL THE TIME!

  5. My son is 10.5 months and doesn't crawl, has no interest in crawling, and as far as I'm concerned, isn't going to. He stands and cruises all over the house tho :)

  6. I love your posts! And your hair is amazing!

  7. LOL! Decorative posts under his ass made me almost spit my coffee out onto the screen.


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