Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Son's a Cheap Drunk

A cheap milk-drunk, that is.

We're nearing the end of our weaning journey (don't you hate how these things are called journies? Its not like I'm going anywhere fabulous, and quite frankly, my travel companion "sucks". Hey-O!), and as such we're beginning our exploration of the formula market. Until recently Mace had only one bottle/day so we really didn't care about formula costs. Nothing was too good for our son! We'd walk into stores and request their most-expensive tin like we were ordering fine wine from a restaurant or good drugs from our dealer. "What?" we'd scoff, "This only costs $24.97? Surely you've got something better and more expensive?". And then we'd buy an extra can just so we could roll around in it and wallow in our laissez-faire attitude and endless amounts of formula-money.

Of course now that he's going through a tin/week, we're putting the axe down on Mason's frivolous ways. Yeesh ... kids these days. 

This week I substituted a store brand for our regular formula (which I won't name outright, but it rhymes with "Mestle") and apparently Mace prefers the cheaper tin! Score! He's been sucking Cheap-O back like its going out of style, and when I offered him some of the original Mestle formula this morning and afternoon, he all but turned his nose up at it. So Cheap-O it is!

I hope this trend carries over into other aspects of Mason's life as he grows older:

"Son, we want to take you to Disneyland for your 5th birthday"

"But Momma why? I'd much prefer spending it at home and playing with my toys. Disneyland sucks"

"Son, we'd like to buy you a car for your 16th birthday" (apparently birthdays are big around my house in the future)

"But Momma why? Public transit is so much more fun! You meet the most interesting people and you always leave with a really neat smell!"

*sigh* A parent can dream, can't she?

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