Wednesday, April 28, 2010

24 Hours Later ....

... and Mace is a new man! I came into his room this morning to find this:

and immediately thought "Oh shit. Time to lower the crib".

But my word, was he ever proud that he'd figured out how to go from laying down to sitting up on his own! He kept looking at me and making little shrieking noises like "Holy crap! Holy crap! Momma, look at me! Look what I can do!". 

I guess shaving's next?

Other than that, I very surprisingly didn't have one single "funny" situation happen to me today. Weird. Usually I'm a blackhole for bad decisions and stupid mishaps, but nope, not today! Which makes this post kind of ... boring? I mean, I guess I could make up a story about how I saw some shoes on the side of the road and realized they were my son's, or how I watched a tiger spray piss all over my baby at the zoo, but who would believe that any mother could be that terrible?

The big reason why nothing particularily zany (who says zany anymore? Thats right, I do.) happened was because it was a rainy, snowy day in our city and as such Mace and I visited my mom's place. "Grandma Judy" babysits my nephew Keelan full-time so Mason loves hanging out at her place for a little male comradery. Its actually a little weird because Keelan, who's 4 months older, beats the ever-loving crap out of him any chance he gets. But I guess I'm ok with that?

Here's Keelan and Mason ... can you tell they're related?

Mason sat at a big boy table for the first time ever! He seemed to enjoy it, and kept kicking Keelan as often as he could.

We busted out the old-school Fisher Price toys that my mom kept from when I was a kid. Mace rocked out spinnin' the wheels of steel for all of us.

Awww, so sweet.

But no visit with Cousin Keelan would be complete without him sitting on Mason at least once.

And thats all I've got for today. Peace!


  1. Oh my goodness! That little guy is too adorable for words and you Miss Thing are just as cute! Thanks for following my blog! I definitely going to follow yours; I love the way you write. :-)

    Mrs. Sergeant

  2. Mason is just too cute for words! Isn't it just so adorable how they react when they learn something new?!
    Oh, and I totally remember those old school toy record players from when I was little. Brings back soooo many memories!

  3. Nicole, if those old records bring back memories for you then you would LOVE my mom's house. Its like Fisher Price circa 1981 went there and died -- she's got it all!
    Thanks ladies for both your comments ... and yes, I tend to think Mace is pretty cute (TEND to, but not always!) :)


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