Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Man, dude, I'm NEVER drinking Pedialyte again!"

The above pic was taken about a month ago when we were vacationing in Maui. This was what Mason's face looked like any chance he got. The kid likes eating sand, what can I say?

The reason I'm posting this and not a pic from today is because only a doctor would like to see photos of today, and even thats questionable. You know that scene from The Exorcist where Linda Blair spews vomit? Yah. Thats the kind of shit thats been going down in my house this weekend.

As you know, I had grand plans for sleeping in on Saturday. Turns out Mace shared these plans, and slept in until 8:30am -- unHEARD of! After Jamie and I gave each other collective high fives for having such an awesome kid, we actually paid attention to said child and realized that he seemed to be running a fever (explaining the sleeping-in part). And he ran it all day, and all today. Throw in some strangely-colored poops and projectile vomiting (always on me) and that about brings you up to date.

Still wanna see pics?


I also think I'll never be able to get Mason to drink Pedialyte again, as each time I've given it to him he's puked it up about 3 minutes later. Can't you get complexes from that sort of thing? Thats why I can't drink tequila anymore .... I'm just sayin'.


  1. I'm sure the multi-coloured pictures would have displayed well. Sorry the sleep in plans didn't go "as planned"

  2. Sorry Mason isn't feeling well! Hope he gets better soon and quits puking on you!

  3. hi from the TMC! ouch i feel your pain - we're more of massive diarrhea blowout kind of family so i feel your pain. at least he's cute. that type of thinking tends to get me through the day...

    and he might just be over the whole pedialyte thing if it's in any way associated with tequila vomit. been there. done that. no more!


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