Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Son, The New Missing Link

Interesting fact about my baby boy -- his left kidney is actually on the right side of his body.

But wait,    you say   doesn't that make it his right kidney? And is this the lead up to some bad joke?

No. No it does not, and no it is not. His right kidney is "right" where it should be (I never promised there wouldn't be a bad pun), while his left kidney is in front of his right.

This isn't something new that we've learned, so don't panic and think this is going to be a depressing post or anything. We found out about it at our 18 week ultrasound, and had it reconfirmed with two subsequent baby ultrasounds since then. Luckily all systems are go, nothing appears to be working incorrectly (other than whoever was in charge of placing the left kidney. THAT guy REALLY screwed up his job), its just a highly-unusual organ location. No one seems to know what may have caused this anomaly, but I like to believe that his body is actually the next step in the evolutionary process. So there Darwin, you crazy-assed mofo. Try fitting that into your little "scheme".

Of course this means that Mace needs to be followed semi-regularily, which was one of our two (yes, two) doctors appointments today. The other was with his regular doctor, who wanted to do a weight-check as Mace has been dropping off the curve. Here are two pics I got at today's appointments (with my cell phone camera, natch):

I think its funny that Mace's weight is in question when his thighs look like they could give the circus sideshow fat lady a run for her money. Mason, on the other hand, thinks its funny when he swings things around his head.

Anyways, as you can see Mace was in great spirits for both appointments. Mama, however, was a disgusting sinus-cold mess. Blech. I'm currently writing this post in a glorious Advil Cold & Sinus haze though, which is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

You know what I hate about having a cold? Going in to buy the cold medication. Its embarassing to be standing there looking like you walked straight out of a cold-and-flu commercial, carefully reading all the boxes and trying to decipher which brand best fulfills your needs. Hmmmm, this one takes care of all my symptoms except fever. And this one has the fever under control, but doesn't have a decongestant. Which do I need more? Which one will give me a better nights' sleep? Will I be high once I take this, and in that case is it bad to be looking after the baby? Maybe I want to get high? It would make cooking dinner more interesting ... Decisions, decisions ....

My body decided to make the situation ten times worse by having a massive sneezing attack while standing in the cold medication aisle. I honestly sneezed at least 15 times in the span of a few minutes, so of course I looked even WORSE when I was at the till trying to pay for my purchase. The cashier used the tiniest tips of her fingers to slide my change towards me on the counter. Thanks, chicky. I LOVE feeling like a leper.

So that was our fab day of doctor-and-drugstore visits. And I'm about ready to ride this medication-high right into bed, so ciao for now! (I know, crappy ending for the post. But I'm fresh out of ideas, so there).

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  1. I *love* reading your blog! Mason is just the cutest little boy, and seems like quite the little monkey!!!

    ps - I hear you on the weight chart nonsense. Leah is the same way, and has the CHUBBIEST thighs!



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