Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Reflective Post

Man, my post titles just keep getting wittier and wittier.

The real reason I want to post today: Mason is officially "out" as long as he was "in", at the ripe 'ole age of 41 weeks 1 day. In honour of this occasion I will now detail the night he was conceived .....


Dream on, perv.

Mace being 41 weeks and 1 day old today, combined with my sister-in-law Lindsay being 5 days past-due with her first has instead got me thinking about how much it sucks being overdue.  

Here's a pic of me on my exact due date:
See the elephants in the background? I felt like I could go toe-to-toe with them at that point.

It was August 2, 2009, our city was smashing all records for high temperatures, and I was determined to walk that baby out of me. I waddled all over the zoo, sweat pouring down my temples, pounding bottle after bottle of water, horrifying onlookers as I passed. I was positive that if I really gave it my all, I'd be able to get this labour thing going out of sheer willpower. I went home at the end of the day, put my feet up, and prepared for the inevitable onslaught of contractions.

And it didn't happen. In fact, I had 8 days still to go.

8 days is such a short time in the grand scheme of things, but when you're overdue it feels like you're the longest-pregnant woman EVER. People keep calling to find out how you're doing and all you want to do with each.and.every.phone.call is scream and rip that person's throat out (or was that just me?).

"No, the baby hasn't come yet MOM. Clearly I would've called you, MOM, if it had happened."

"Gee, I never knew that. Thanks for enlightening me on the fact that babies don't usually come on their due date. Now I understand why I haven't had him yet!"

"Ha ha, thats a good one. No, nobody's asked me before why I haven't had the baby yet. Kudos to you."

I feel for ya Linds, I really, really do. Hopefully baby makes his apperance soon, and the annoying phone calls will stop ... to be replaced by annoying visits and "just popping in"'s instead.


  1. I am SO with ya on this post!!

    Also, James was doing the very same thing with the tub mirror thing last night! I thought it was TOO cute.

    Hope all is well.

  2. You looked great on your due date Andra! I was 2 weeks over due with Baby H, and I lost the whole cute pregnant lady look. I was swollen everywhere. AND, I had to get my driver's license renewed at one week overdue, so now every time I have to show someone my ID I cringe because I had major fat face going on. Anyways, great post!

  3. Happy OALAHWI to Mason!
    Ugh, I know what you mean about being overdue. I was 6 days overdue with Bennett and that was the longest 6 days of my life!

  4. Love the bath pic, we actually have the exact same pic...only with our son of course:)


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