Monday, May 10, 2010

*Warning* Semi-Sappy Post w/ Disturbing Pic at End

Today Mace is 9 months old, and I know mom's say this a lot, but I honestly cannot believe where the time has gone.
Umm ... wow. I also cannot believe what crappy colour my old camera gave me. But I digress ...

I love my little boy. I love how he sticks his tongue out when he gives his half-smiles, how he sneezes when out in bright sunlight, how he says "Mom-nom-nom" when eating something he likes. I love how he loves loud noises like vacuums and garbeurators, his little shrieks of joy when he discovers something new, and the way he smells after a bath. He's just ... delicious, and I'm not a good enough writer to describe all the ways. But trust me, you'd like 'im.

Not only is Mason 9 months old today, but it was also his first-ever day with just the bottle. Last night I nursed him for the final time and yes, I did shed a tear or two. I didn't think I would but Mace decided to really snuggle in for a long-haul feed, as though he knew it would be his last ever. I swear he knew, because lately he tends to thrash around when nursing and last night it was like when he was first born. He even *sigh* fell asleep at the end. And I melted, and my heart broke the tiniest bit.

Kids. They really get to you sometimes.

Anyways, I'm off to continue my work on my weekend project:

Gah!! I told you it was disturbing! For some reason I decided that I needed to completely gut my office, and now am dreadfully regretting the decision. But it needs to be done. I've got too much stuff from my former life as a stationary designer (oh, you didn't know that about me? There are so many more things you have yet to learn, my friend), and not enough space for my ever-expanding collection of teaching paraphernalia. So gut it I will.

I promise that my next post will (hopefully) be of better quality than this one. Pathetic, I tell ya. Pathetic.


  1. Man, did you get that sorted out. Looks like a whole lotta work. Actually, it looks like my closet.

    Hope you had wonderful Mommies Day with your family.


  2. What a sweet post. I was just getting sad the other day thinking how fast time has gone!

    Are you not doing wedding invites anymore?

  3. oh my goodness! it's amazing how much they can change in just 8 months time! soooo adorable! if i may ask, what type of camera did you have before and what type did you get now? I'm getting a DSLR soon and am shopping around and getting recommendations!

    I nursed my son until a month before his 2nd birthday and I cried even talking about weaning. It's truly bittersweet!

  4. Umm, I think there is a snake in your office.....

  5. You were a stationary designer? That is so cool. I LOVE stationary. It's a bit of an addiction for me. I wish I had more people to write letters to.

    Weaning is such a bitter sweet thing. Not looking forward to it myself. :(

  6. What a sweet post! Happy 9 months Mace!

    I remember all well the feeling of having on final BF session. It's bittersweet!


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