Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Big One is Coming

Thats right ... little man Mace is turning one in less than 2 months. For once in my life I'm actually ahead of the game and finished designing and making his invitations a few days ago:
Chances are very good that these won't get mailed out until August 7th, but whatev.

As you can tell, we're clearly going with a "circus/carnival" theme (I know .... real original), and for some reason I've now become obsessed with finding retro red-and-white popcorn bags. Like, seriously obsessed. The party could wind up being a total bust but in my mind, as long as there are matching popcorn bags, life's grand.

We took the photo for the invitation during a brief respite from the monsoon rains our city's been having.
Mason loved crawling around in the wet grass, getting his little knees all sopping wet and trying desperately to sneak into the mud without us noticing. What is it with boys and dirt? He's not even a toddler yet (heck, does "10 months" even count as fully-human?) and already he's fascinated with mud. His Daddy avoids it like the plague, and Mace is in there like a farmer on sowing day (or is it reaping? Harvesting? Honestly, I'm just proud that I knew it's not spelled "sewing").

So plans for the party are underway. I always tend to get a bit carried away with the minor details and wind up throwing together a crapfest of "important" items (ie. food); this will be no different I'm sure. Waterbottle labels have already been designed, and plans are in the works for a homemade paper bunting and notecards. Food I'm just praying will fall out of the sky/my mother's kitchen.

Anyways, I'm freakin' exhausted for some reason tonight so thats about the end of this post. No attempt at a segue, nothing. Ta, and have a great weekend y'all!


  1. I have retro popcorn containers from the dollar store. I think I have 4 and you are welcome to them if you want! Dollarama usually has them!

  2. BEAUTIFUL invites!! I have found retro popcorn containers and bags (and I have some too! lol) from Party City, Dollar General Deal$ and also you can find them at many garage sales. I don't know why, but almost every garage sale I go to has them now.lmao

  3. Hey! I am super sad I will be missing Mace's party, it looks like it's going to be a blast! (I know, that is assuming I got an invite...heehee)

    I love the invites, I am sure it will be quite the event!

    I am sad we won't be able to anything similar for James. Just Mommy, Daddy, and the dog at his party - my poor deprived child....

  4. Those are gorgeous invites! He looks so happy playing in the grass - dirty knees and all. I see mud pies quickly approaching in your future.


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