Monday, June 14, 2010

Edward Cullen as an Infant

I'd like to say these pictures are a result of my excitement for the upcoming Eclipse movie release, and that I decided to go all theme-y for this post and take cute pics of my son as a baby vampire ............. but really they're just another example of crappy parenting at its finest. Sweet.

You know how that last hour before dinner's on the table is kindof like, well, hell? You're trying to finish clean-up from lunch (cut me some slack), the kid(s)'s clinging to your ankle like its a life preserver, and you're just realizing that you're missing some key ingredient to the meal you're trying to prep. About this time of day I'm desperate for Mason to fly the coop and play on his own (which usually involves him fooling around in cabinets while I pretend not to notice), and today was no different. He's recently discovered all the wonderous joys of the pantry and can usually be found lurking around there, taking spices off the lowest shelf and dropping them on the floor (who doesn't find that fun is what I'd like to know). 

Of course today, he stumbled across food colouring. And it is terrifying to do the routine baby-check and discover red pouring out of your child's mouth. I honest-to-god almost had a heart attack ("Oh my god he's bleeding! Its pouring out of his mouth! Why isn't he crying? Does he have all his teeth? Holy crap, Jamie's going to be PISSED!") until I discovered the flip-top lid of red on the ground. Given that I've seen the way he eats I'm still rather surprised that Mace was able to keep it all contained to his mouth area, but the proofs' in the pictures ... he did. What a star.

Luckily this wasn't anything big, just another reason why I suck at parenting. The dye washed off quite easily, and I now eagerly await the answer to the question "What happens to your poop when you pound a 1/2 bottle of food colouring?".

I should add that the meal I was prepping was, in fact, delicious and well worth sacrificing my child's bowels to dye for.
This was yet another recipie from Megan at the Food and Whine blog, and was a hit with  young and old alike (young being Mason, VERY old being Jamie). I went with the Salsa and Orange Chicken and highly, highly recommend it if you're looking for a quick meal. It was served it with steamed carrots and whole-wheat couscous on the side and as per usual, Mace made sure clean-up was as difficult as possible:
Though the above story doesn't make it sound that way it was actually super-easy to prep, and will definitely be making its way into our weekly repetoire of meals.

Just make sure your kid doesn't get into the food colouring while you're cooking. It can happen. Trust me.


  1. I love the look on his face there. He's all like "Who me? I didn't do anything. Look, I'm bleeding..." Haha. I can 100% imagine what you felt seeing that red coming from his mouth.

  2. Oh my! These are great pics. Recipe sounds yummy too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just love reading your blog! So funny with the vampire food colouring - good scavenging in the pantry Mace :)

  4. what in fact DOES happen on the other end of a food coloring incident. Enquiring minds want to know...

  5. Aw, thanks M.

    Sara, tell your "enquiring mind" that it actually doesn't turn out too bad .... just slightly red-tinted. Of course, this could also mean that he's bleeding from his bowels but I'm going to go with the food dye ...


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