Wednesday, June 2, 2010

He Gets His Cleaning Skills From His Dad

This is where my son thinks shoes go. Babies, huh? They think they're soooooo smart.

ALL afternoon, this was what he did. Put shoes into the dishwasher, take shoes out of the dishwasher. Repeat.

At one point he realized it was easier to put one shoe in his mouth and grab the other shoe rather than doing it seperately. This was a big development.

Atleast he's interested in the dishwasher. His father thinks its just some big loud noise-maker under the counter.

Anyways, the dishwasher fascination allowed me time to begin editing the photos I took of my 9-day old newphew yesterday (the reason for the Creepy Baby photoshoot a few days ago). For someone who's not a photographer, I'm actually pleased with the results so far! Here's a sneak peek:

Crazy what a good camera and some motivation will do for your photography skills. Of course, having a adorable model doesn't hurt, either.


  1. And ooooh what a sweet baby! I love the photos you ended up taking.

    Your baby might just be a fashion genius...I used to run my shoes through the dishwasher to clean them up and brighten the colors a bit all the time! He knows what's up!

  2. Looks like he is going to have some CLEAN shoes :)

  3. Oh those pics look great! I love newborn photo's.

    And oh, how I miss the repetitive action toddler stage, where one activity can entertain them for HOURS. Oh well.

  4. Great job with the newborn pics!! You're a natural!


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