Friday, June 4, 2010

My Little Scavenger

Its true. This sweet little babe hides a deep, dark secret.

After a meal he'll sit there, under the highchair, scanning the floor. Waiting ... just waiting for his eye to fall across some delicious morsel left scattered on the ground by his own hand. And then ... aha.

He spots his prey, and begins a hurried crawl towards it 'lest mama swoops in with the vacuum and steals it away.

Ahhhhhh ... the taste of success.

Seriously, this is what Mace has started to do after every meal -- crawl around under his highchair and eat food off the ground. At first I tried to stop him, but I've gotten to the point where I say "Meh". The floors are vacuumed each day so I'm safe in the knowledge that any food he's picking up is from his most recent meal (since I'm not the one who thinks its funny to toss food from my plate), and its kindof like having my own little cleanup crew!

It is slightly disturbing to see your child scavenge along the ground like a dog, and I felt the barest twinge of an am-I-a-bad-mommy guilt as I sat there snapping the above pics with nary a warning in sight. I'm praying to god this isn't a preview of his future life as a bum, but if it is at least I've helped him hone his skills young!

Speaking of honing his skills young, here's a few more pics that I took of my nephew Cole (hows that for a segue?):

Love it!


  1. Those dimples just kill me! If you're going to have scavengers and least you have a cute one!!! And the pictures of your nephew are beautiful.

  2. The best kind of Cheerios are Floorios. Yum.

  3. somebody has some mad camera skills! what lens do you use? does it make a difference?


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