Saturday, June 2, 2012


Today …

We found exceptional moments of calm while being photographed by the amazing Amber Bourret.
Seriously, how beautiful are these pics? I feel all warm and squishy when I look at them.

Today …

We bought a tree for the backyard that *somehow* (I have no idea how, I swear. And it was all Jamie’s fault. I swear. Yes, swear.) managed to scratch our eldest’s face while it was being gently shoved into the back of our car.
You’re unique all right, asshole.

But we got it back. Because we placed it in full view of our infamous dead tree as a warning:

“This could happen to you, too. Stop effing scratching kids”.
And today …

I was once again reminded of how terrible I am at gardening, as Mason’s and my seed-sowing project has thus far produced two plants. Two. Out of nine. Fabulous.
Untitled-1 Where will tomorrow lead?


  1. Those are phenomenal photos, and I'm still laughing about how you placed the new tree with a good view of the dead one as a warning. LOL!

    If I recall correctly, you were planting carrot, onion and radish seeds? Radishes will sprout in just a couple of days. Carrots take up to 2 weeks, and I have *never* had luck growing onions from seeds, just sets. So keep the thing watered and wait... I'm sure you'll find out you really do have a green thumb. Good thing, because you'll need it when the Zombie Apocalypse happens, you know?

  2. I can't grow anything either! Cohen is a miracle worker when he comes to planting stuff and the dude is only 4! He has a plant full of green beans right now that he started at preschool.

  3. Gorgeous family pictures!!!

    Hope the new tree works out!


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