Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Secret To Productivity = Clothes

That’s right.

The secret to my being productive is clothes. Clothes on me, I should add  (and yes, its necessary to clarify “on me” because I’m fairly certain my 3 year old could function quite well in the nude if need be. In fact, he’d probably welcome the opportunity).

No clothes = shit ain’t happenin’. And I figured this life-changing reality out yesterday.

Most days of the week I’m a busy little mommy bee. Flitting here and there I go from meal times to appointments to errands to more meal times to classes to playtime to blogging to home tidying to another effing meal time to baths to bedtimes, and then start it all over again the next day. I hate being overscheduled but at this point in my life that’s just how its bein’  laid down. Luckily, because of the fact that we usually have so much going on each day I’m normally up bright and early to get dressed and ready before the kids. 

However, yesterday was a little different. Yesterday, for only the 2nd time ever since Ave’s been born I had the entire day to myself. Sans enfants. 

I know. The Holy-fucking-Grail for mothers everywhere. And it was all courtesy of Avery being almost totally weaned from nursing, meaning she doesn’t have to be attached at the boob anymore. Meaning I can actually leave her with people for extended periods of time. And yesterday, that person was my mom. Thanks, mom! 

I had big plans for the day. BIG plans:

Tidy the house
Do laundry
Sort clothes from Mason’s closet for donation
Write two blog posts
Fill out passport applications for the kids
Run errands
On a normal given day, even with the kids in tow I could’ve knocked off at least half that list. But yesterday, prior to beginning my tasks I neglected to do one.simple.thing. 

Yesterday, I neglected to actually get dressed.  

At all.

That’s right. Until 4pm that afternoon I stayed in my pyjamas. I kept having the intent of getting dressed and actually doing something, but so many more interesting things caught my attention in those 8 hours of freedom.

A summary of my day:

Watched Ellen (man, do I love me some Ellen! Best part of maternity leave, hands down)   
          Time spent: 1 hour 

Because he was featured on Ellen's show that day, wound up watching/reading everything and anything about
PSY and his Gangnam Style song on the internet including: the societal meaning behind it, a variety of spinoff videos, and the recent news that a group of lifeguards lost their jobs because of a parody they did called “Lifeguard Style” 
Time spent: 2.5 hours        
Since was already on the computer, thought to myself “Shit, might as well research becoming an extreme couponer in Canada” (because who doesn’t think that when searching the net, I’d like to know?). This included methodology, strategy, and organizational tips. I am SO THERE now.
Time spent: 2.5 hours        
Pinterest-ed, which led to checking out latest ecards on Current favourite (which was posted on the Facebook page earlier today):        rotten32          Time spent: 1 hour        
Drove to Tim Horton’s for lunch. At that point laziness was too far gone to actually make something at home.
Time spent: 1 hour        
Aaaaaannnnd that was my day, folks. Embarrassing, I know. But hey! If anyone needs advice on Gangnam-styling some coupons, I’m now an “expert”.

After careful analysis of what went wrong I’ve come to the conclusion that the delineating factor was clothes. If I’d gotten dressed first thing in the morning like I always do, my day would’ve begun and I’d have been off and running. Instead, the only thing separating the 8 hours of mine from those of an exceptionally-high pot head was the absence of reefer. 

Sadly, some mary jane might’ve been a better explanation for all the shit I looked up yesterday but whatevs. Now y’all know I’m actually a freak. I’m ok with that if you are.   
Anyways, today I want to leave you with a question: What’s your secret to productivity? 
‘Cause I sure as hell know mine. 


  1. I think it was a wonderfully spent day! You relaxed and enjoyed what you were doing! Your list looked pretty boring in comparison!!

  2. Looks like a day well spent to me.

    But I'm totally with you on the getting dressed thing. Yesterday I was dressed and out the door being a productive member of society by 10am. It's currently 11:38 am here and I am still in my jammies. I'm thinking of all the productive things that should be done today. But my jammies are keeping me firmly on the couch watching TV that I'm fairly sure is making me dumber.

  3. Ooooh, I never thought of the link between actually getting dressed and actually getting things done. BUT I SEE YOUR RATIONALE!

    Honestly, I got more done on Saturday (after getting up early, getting dressed, and starting the day ASAP) than I did on Sunday (I was in pyjamas all day and didn't actually shower until 3pm!).. So you may be on to something!

    My secret to productivity would have to be 1) limiting my internet surfing and 2) making sure I have a goal (and something to look forward to after said goal is met!).

  4. Oh my god I can't stop laughing!! Someone (Morgan) mentioned this when H was first born and it stuck with me. It's so true. Even if I just change into some comfy lulus I'm still more productive than if I stay in my pjs all day long.

    Plus I can never go on the computer for 5 minutes. It always ends up being an hour or more. Time sucker!!


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