Monday, September 24, 2012

Apologies for Missing my Sunday Post

I’m popping in to apologize for missing my post yesterday and probably the one tomorrow, too. We’ve been hit with a wicked cold bug in our house and I’m so under-the-weather its ridonkulous. Plus I get to stay home and take care of two sick children who apparently believe its their life's mission to cover the house in snot  … oh, goodie!

With any luck I should be back to posting on Thursday, where I’ll regail you with Mason’s and my evening out at a Toopy & Binoo concert. And yes, the auditorium full of children was like being in the 9th level of Hell, just as you'd suspect.

Until then, here’s my favourite pic from the concert:
Omg mom, stop. Just ... stop.
I’m still confused why Mace doesn’t like being seen in public with me, but whatev.


  1. BAHAHAHA! Omg you are too hilarious!

    "9th level of Hell".. I can't!! Hahaha!

    Honestly, despite being CF (childfree), I do follow some "mommy bloggers", and by far, your blog and style of writing (and ability to be completely real and hilarious about the ridiculous situations you find yourself in) makes me come back for more. Love it!

    Sending get well vibes your way! There's nothing worse than snotty noses, IMO.

  2. This is awesome!! We have the same horrible cold at our house. I will deal with poop and puke no problem but snot makes me gag. My kid hates me because I am constantly wiping her nose.

  3. Coolest EFFIN Mom in town!
    Rock on Mace!
    Get well everyone!!


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