Sunday, September 9, 2012

Today's Post, Part 2: Calgary Home & Design Show Giveaway

Now, on to something totally new (and actually totally coincidental, but it works out so well with the theme of my post today): the Domestic Project’s first giveaway! Sadly its only for my Calgary readers, but if I’m ever offered something of value for you other guys I’ll be sure to jump on it, ‘kay?

Calgary peeps: You’ve probably already heard about the Calgary Home & Design Show that’s running from September 20 – 23 down at the BMO Centre. But did you know that this year they’re having a Family Day on Friday, September 21st? From their site: 

Bring your tots by for a fun-filled afternoon, including a guest appearance by Bob the Builder. Get there early, as the first 100 kids to the DIY for Kids feature will get to take home a selection of crafternoon projects! The first 200 mom and pops through the door will also be gifted an exclusive grab bag. Everyone is welcome to visit the child friendly features at the Chef’s Table and Main Stage including: Designing for your kids, Healthy Family Eating, Kids Cooking, face painting, tattoo artists and much more!

Bob the Builder? BOB THE BUILDER?! I am so.there.

Actually, thanks to the kind folks at the Home & Design Show I will be there along with my kiddies, checking out all there is to see and do this year (and I’m quite excited for decor ideas as we’re developing the basement as we speak).

Wanna know the best news?

You could be there, too! Whichever day you’d like! DSC_0620a
Sitting beside me at this very moment I have two pairs of tickets courtesy of the Calgary Home & Design Show, which I’ll be giving away in exactly one week. And lets keep in mind that kids 12 and under are free. So if you won you could bring, like, your child’s whole soccer team or something. Or maybe not. That’s probably frowned upon. Ok, maybe don’t do that at all. Oh god, no one’s ever going to ask me to do a giveaway again …

Anyways, if you’d like to get your hands on some tickets just follow these simple steps:

1. Leave a comment below (about anything, really. Maybe what you think about my blog changes or things you’d like to see me post about, but hell … maybe even about the weather. Or a funny joke. I like jokes. Or your favourite drink. I like drinks).
And that’s it! Just please, please make sure your email is somehow connected to your comment or I’ll have no way of getting a hold of you, and then we will both be sad.

For extra entries you can also (make sure to leave an additional comment):

1. Like The Domestic Project on Facebook 
2. Like The Domestic Project on Twitter 

Contest closes 9am September 16th, and winners will be announced later that day. Unfortunately, this contest is only open to Calgary and surrounding area residents.  

Well, this should be interesting. Now I guess we’ll see how many local readers I actually have … Photobucket


  1. I read faithfully, you're hilarious! And I follow you on FB and Twitter - so start tweeting more. :)

  2. I'd like to just copy and paste my comment from the previous post in here. Would that be cheating?!?
    Anyway, I will follow you on fbook, I think I follow you on twitter {just checked my phone, I do} AND I follow you on pinterest...booyah!
    Again, good luck!

  3. Hi Andra, Long time reader, first time commenter (actually, that's a lie, I'm pretty sure I commented at least once before)....okay, that's as far as I can take the awkward radio caller thing.

    I would love to see you post about two things:

    1) How I am a winner of a pair of tickets!!


    2) How your running went/is going/has become your new obsession (choose the most appropriate answer!)

  4. Also, I follow you on Twitter.

  5. AAAAAAnd I Like you on Facebook.

  6. A couple of weeks ago my sister introduced me to your blog. She pointed me to a few of her favorite posts. We read them together and laughed so hard we cried. She's a Mom, I'm not. But I gotta say I still loved the articles she shared with me...especially "The Size of His Fist".

    I admire your writing style and only wish I could be a fraction as funny as you when it comes to my blog posts. Keep up the great work!

    Elisha MacKay
    (A Childless Expat Who Lives in Nicaragua)

  7. I love your blog!! I found you on WB (we were both August Mommies!) and followed you here, and then to Pinterest also. With my little girl and boy being pretty much the exact same ages as your little boy and girl, I can pretty much relate to you on every level.

    Keep doing what you're doing, I'm always checking in and looking for new posts and a good laugh, because you are in fact, one funny motha.

  8. Hey Andra, I read your blog all the are hilarious!!! My husband loved your video about your road trip...sadly we have had trips like that too! I also like you on facebook and will start to follow you on twitter today!

  9. Another fan here. In fact, I was sad when you were MIA for a bit there, but you're still on my favourites list for when I need a much needed stress break from work.

    Also you may or may not have influenced my decision to name my son Mason as well as I knew you back in the WB days.

    1. Brandy, just letting you know that you were won of the winners for the Calgary Home & Design Show tickets! Please contact me via email with your mailing address so I can send these off to you!

  10. I don't get to see you much anymore, so your blog is my chance to keep up to date on all things Andra as well as experience your trademark wit!! Keep up the good work!
    Mel O.

  11. Hey, I am going to be there too! Friday with my son. Hopefully we can meet in real life.

  12. I also think you are hilarious and love the way you write. Your parties are over the top awesome.

  13. I love your blog!! I found you on WB (we were both August Mommies!) and followed you here, and then to Interest also.
    Calgary Homes

  14. Fantastic family home walking distance to the schools, water park and playgrounds. The main floor has 9' ceilings with open to above entrance and open plan concept.
    Best Calgary Realtor


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