Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm Certifiably Insane

“Shar,” I said to my friend as we left our weekly zumba class, “I need to hit Wal-Mart after this. You wanna come? We can grab a coffee first.”

"Sure!” she replied (*side note: this is why I love Sharlene. She’s always down for random shopping trips on our Girls’ Night Out as she, like myself, appreciates the luxury of doing such things child-free. I kid you not, we once drove to another town just to toodle around Costco and bask in the quietness. It was heaven.*). “What do you need to get?”

"Twine” I answered.

"Twine? As in, twine-twine? What the hell do you need twine for?” she asked.

"Oh, just this thing I’m making for Avery’s birthday party. Hey listen, do you think it’d look weird to hang gold stars from twine? I’m hoping it’ll look kinda rustic, y’know?”

"Oh Jesus,” she sighed “Andra, coming from anyone else I’d say yes, but for you … probably not? I don’t know, you always come up with these crazy ideas that wind up working out”.

Well, that’s as good of an endorsement as any, I’d say. Thanks, Shar!

Which is how I found myself last night, painstakingly gluing sparkling cardstock together and then punching stars out of them, one by one.
Why yes, yes I am crazy. Why do you ask?

The thing is, Ave’s turning one in about two weeks … and I’ve done nothing for her party. Not one thing. Last week I finally had an “Oh, shit” moment when I realized I hadn’t even invited anyone yet so emails were sent out, but other than that … nada.

Given how big all of Mason’s parties have been (including his recent Cars Movie themed 3rd birthday) I’m actually feeling pretty guilty about leaving Ave’s so late. Lets just add this to the growing pile of Reasons It Sucks To Be the 2nd Child, I guess?

Anyways, even though there won’t be time left to execute all that I’ve got in my head (we’re going with a Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star theme), I’m trying my damndest. There’s gonna be punched-out stars and crap hanging from twine all over the house, just you wait! My current stumbling block is that my large stars just aren’t sticking together on the twine right now:
DSC_0172aAnd yes, most people would be ok with that, but not if you’re Anal McAnalson like myself. It just ain’

Aaaanyways, Avery-bear is turning one on November 10th, same day as the party. Let’s see how much I can pull out of my ass in this short amount of time.

And speaking of Ave, she got her first real taste of winter yesterday:
DSC_0159a Why yes that is a crapload of snow that just got dumped on our city a few days ago. Living in Canada is awesome, y’all. Awesome.

Her mood didn’t improve even when Mace was holding her:
Of course, you might be feeling the same way if your brother had just allowed you to drop face-first into a pile of ice crystals. And I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that her snowpants were a full size too big:
Regardless, her reaction was still a million times better than Mace’s the first time I plunked him in snow:

And for that, I guess we can all be thankful.


  1. Hilarious! Don't feel bad about Avery's party. I've decided that I am so lazy, we're going to Eastside Mario's for Annabelle's 3rd birthday party, which happens to be on November 10th as well! Funny! I'm waiting until she has a larger social circle to have another party. I've had enough of those parties with my grandmother asking why that kid is playing so loudly and still using a pacifier, etc.

    BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster award. Go check out the details here.

  2. They are both so cute!! I'm sure the decorations will be awesome!! Best of luck and of course, you will blog all about it?!


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