Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Breakin' For A B-Day and Some Overdue Photo Treats

Sorry I’ve been MIA the past week … Avery’s 1st birthday is coming up this Saturday and my mommy guilt at leaving things until the last minute has gone into overdrive. With images of Mason’s parties running through my head, I’m now determined to put Ave’s birthday on par with her brother’s, and am dedicating the majority of my free time to classic Andra-esq crafting. Or, you know, one step away from an anxiety attack at any given moment.

Ah, the life of a perfectionist.

As with Mason’s, I’ll give you one tiny sneak-peek into what I’ve got going on over at my house right now:
Aaaannnnnd … that’s all you get ‘til my post-party post next week! I know, I’m a tease.

This mommy guilt at my second child’s birthday has shown itself in a number of ways lately. With the prospect of 25+ adults coming to our home this weekend, I’ve also started stressing about the number of photos of Avery around the house. And by “number of photos” I mean none (well, except for the ones in her actual bedroom but those don’t really count).
Granted, the photos I have on display of Mason aren’t exactly “current” but as it stands, if someone were to break into our house they would go through 95% of it believing that they were robbing a family of 3. And then they’d get upstairs to the nursery and be all “Oh, snap! There’s a second kid in this place! For reeeals?!!”.

And then, to be honest, they’d probably continue looting the premises, but maybe doing it while remembering that their family never actually had any pictures up of them in the house, either. It was all “Michael this” and “Michael that”, and “Oh Billy, look how amazing your big brother Michael is!” and “Oh Billy, why couldn’t you finish high school like your brother Michael”. And of course Michael went on to become a successful heart surgeon, bringing us to the present day career choice of thieving for Billy.

Or maybe I’m just exaggerating things.

But regardless, I realized I needed to get some pics up of Ave, if only so I look like a good mother to potential home robbers. I added that to the pile of crap I’ve been working on this week, and am happy to report that Avery now has an existence amongst out family photos. And it only took a year, y’all!
Untitled-2And speaking of photos, that one in the top-right of our photo wall is my favourite family picture ever. You might remember we had pictures taken a few months ago by photographer Amber Bourett? Well, that’s one of her beauties up there.
I adore it. I absolutely, freakishly adore it. Its just … my life, captured by a talented artist. Not sure if that makes sense, but I hearts it. And here’s a few more I hearts, as seen through Amber’s lens:
Gah. Makes me feel all squishy inside. I can’t believe I never showed these until now! Didn’t she do a fabulous job, y’all? Love Amber’s work. Love.

Anyways, thats my update ‘til Avery’s party Saturday. If I have time I’m going to pop off a quick post on the actual day (one of those “A Letter To My Daughter”-type thingys), and then I’'ll be back Sunday or Monday with a recap of the entire shebang. Holy hell, do I have a lot to do before then.


  1. I LOVE real life photos!
    What a beautiful family!
    Thanks for FINALLY sharing. FRIG, what took ya so long?
    Happy party anxiety preps!

  2. BEAUTIFUL pics!!

    I'm the 3rd kid of 4, so there are exactly 3 baby pictures of me. I laugh at it now, but at 20? I was all, "Mom...WTF???"

  3. I'm the second born. My mom called me two years ago and said the following, "I was putting together pictures for the hallway and I wanted to have pictures of you and your brother at each age...I just now realized you were right, there are no pictures of just you from ages 8 to 12. Sorry about that."

    However, my youngest sister in law is the youngest of 5. I'm fairly certain her Christening and her high school grad are on the same roll of film.


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