Sunday, May 12, 2013

7 Useless Words My 18 Month Old Knows Instead of "Yes" or "No"

When most kids learn to talk, the bulk of their early vocabulary is made up of highly-communicative words such as “no”, “yes”, “more”, “that”, “up”, “down” etc. Essentially, standard-issue language that makes understanding their needs simpler for all involved.

Sounds pretty basic right?

Wrong. If your name is Avery. 

May I present: 

7 Useless Words My 18 Month Old Knows Instead of “Yes”, “No”, Or Anything Else That Would Help Us Understand What The Eff She’s Screaming About.

opening verse to “Barbra Ann” by The Beach Boys
vulva {don’t ask}
Ellen {as in, Ellen Degeneres}
So …. yeah. Communication is going swimmingly over here.


On another note, from my home to yours, I hope Mother’s Day was everything you imagined it would be. Barring that, I hope you at least got to pee in privacy.

1 comment:

  1. OMG hilarious! Where on earth did she learn some of those words?!?!??

    We don't have too many words here yet which is kind of a relief since they will likely be swear words if I don't start reining back ASAP.


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