Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mamas of Girls: A Baby Wisp Giveaway!

I don’t usually do giveaways on my blog, but for products I absolutely love I’ll make an exception. And I love, love, love Baby Wisp (and think you will, too).

Bald-though-she-may-be, Ave’s had Baby Wisp hair accessories since she was 8 months old. I was first introduced to this Canadian company through an on-line mommy group I belong to; one poster swore their hairclips worked on even the baldest of babes, so of course I had to see for myself.

Baby Wisp uses satisfaction-guaranteed latch clips for many of their hair accessories, stating that they will not fall off. Still in disbelief that they would work on my at-the-time totally hairless child, I ordered one single clip (a tester, if you will). My choice? A Mini Latch Clip Crocheted Blossom cutie:
The consensus?

It. Held.

Cellphone pic of Avery wearing her Baby Wisp the first time, right out of the package
And so began my love-affair with Baby Wisp, and why I was thrilled when the company contacted me last week about doing a giveaway for my readers. I was all “Of course I’ll do a giveaway! You guys are one of the few reasons my daughter isn’t constantly mistaken for a boy!”, and they were all “And would you like to test out our Sequins Butterfly Large Latch Clip?” and I was all “Sqweeeeeeeeeeeeee!”. 

I really need to learn to play it cooler.

Anyways, we took the accessory for a test-drive at a birthday party the other day and, as with all their other products, it held amazingly.
DSC_1946 - Copy
Apparently Avery didn’t crack a smile the whole party, but the clip looked great. :P

This giveaway is unique in that the more entries there are, the more goodies will be up for grabs:

1st Awarded Prize
Mini Latch Clip Sequins Butterfly (any colour) + 50% off coupon code, good toward any regular-priced item

2nd Awarded Prize
Mini Latch Clip Glitter Velvet Tuxedo Bow (any colour) + 50% off coupon code, good toward any regular-priced item

3rd Awarded Prize
Small Snap Clip Velvet Glitter Boutique Bow (any colour) + 50% off coupon code, good toward any regular-priced item
More than 20 unique entries releases the first prize, 50 or more releases prize 1 & 2, and 100 or more releases all three so pass this info along to friends!

Entering is easy:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest closes next Sunday, May 12th. Winner(s) will be selected randomly, and will be announced next Monday, May 13th (wouldn’t that be a nice, albeit late, Mother’s Day surprise!).

Good luck!

{Disclosure: I was provided with the Large Latch Clip Sequins Butterfly to test and review, but opinions are my own}


  1. My baby girl is a baldy too, but these accessories are so cute! I love the headbands on their site.

  2. I love the Urban snap clips!

  3. Ohhhh I love the butterfly ones... My girls have such fine hair that NOTHING stays in them.. definitely curious about these!

  4. I really like the Mini Latch Clip Tuxedo Fancy. So sweet and simple!

  5. Hands down- the sequin butterfly is my favourite. I think Avery has more hair than Audrey... I've tried clips in her hair and they don't stay in.

  6. Sequin butterfly in light pink!

  7. I adore the mini latch clip boutique bow in emerald (just like my daughter's name!)


  8. Still love the mini bow latch clips! Perfect for holding back just a bit of her bangs to keep out of her face. Also a new fan of the urban snap clips. My daughter has fine hair and its nice to have things that dont slide out.

  9. Ohh these would look so cute on my little baldy!! I like the look of the mini latch essential bundles.

  10. I LOVE the purple sequin butterfly! So cute!

  11. These clips look so cute! They would be perfect for my 11 month old baldy that is always mistaken for a boy.


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